Evergreen Tax Consulting LLC / Evergreen Tax

Evergreen Tax Consulting, LLC / Evergreen Tax is a full-service accounting firm in New Jersey, serving all of New Jersey and New York area. Our firm is committed to providing the most comprehensive, affordable, and professional tax services to individuals and small businesses throughout the region.

Business Tax Services

We help companies of all sizes, providing tax services such as payroll tax, sales tax, corporation tax, partnership tax, etc. The business structure that you choose decides your tax.  We will help you choose your business structure before you start your business. Proper and effective tax strategies are important for your successful business.

Individual Tax Services

Our tax experts are here to help individual tax returns with extensive knowledge in the area of individual taxation. Individual tax service starts with tax planning and tax preparation. Please contact us if you want accurate & professional tax service for your individual tax return. We will claim all eligible tax credits and deductions for our clients’ tax return.

Financial Services

We advise clients in many aspects of finance, including college financial aid, retirement plan ( IRA, 401K plan, etc ) and management of financial assets. We are providing not only tax services but also financial services for our clients’ wealth & asset management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.